Printing, Stamping, Silk Screening & Embossing

  • Printing can be applied on single or multi-color paper (up to 8 colors plus coatings), vinyl, holographic foils and other porous and non-porous substrates.
  • Hot Stamping is available on various substrates. Allstate Packaging Group can obtain gold, silver and an array of other foil colors available today in holographic and patterned foils.
  • Silk Screening can be done for spot coating printed work, or for dense ink coverage and greater rub resistance.
  • Embossing is offered on a full range of raised logos to micro-embossed patterns.

Catalogue Sales

If you don't necessarily need a custom solution, our Catalogue Sales Department will work with you to develop the perfect catalogue to display your product in the best light.

Manufacturing/Proprietary Machinery

  • Our Graphic Arts Department offers the flexibility to print or stamp on vinyl, paper or board substrates.
  • Our Die-cutting Department has both regular die-cutters as well as high-end die-cutting equipment for specialty die-cuts necessary for the cosmetic and medical industries.
  • We house a large number of set-up and vinyl box making machines covering a wide range of sizes.
  • We offer the ONLY automated rigid box line available in the US that can run up to 13" deep.

Sample Design and Engineering

With over 50 years of experience in the packaging industry, our design department can accomplish anything. From implementing samples based on your specifications to developing custom made samples, we have the right solution for your packaging.

Stock Items

  • We maintain an inventory of popular stock sizes. Contact us (Include Link to Sales Representative) with your requirements and we will find the perfect fit for you. If we don't stock it, our Catalogue Sales Team will find the solution for you.
  • We offer Fulfillment should you require this service.

Value Added Services

We have longstanding relationships with vendors for all aspects of your project and can provide sourcing for all of your packaging needs, both domestically and overseas.

These include:

  • Pack out and assembly
  • Paper Suppliers
  • Printers and laminating
  • Thermoforming
  • Foam Production
  • Custom corrugated cartons