Set-Up Boxes

The rigid set-up box has been a time-honored favorite for years due to its versatility of use and durability. We offer a tremendous amount of papers to wrap these boxes with printing, stamping, embossing and windowing available. Perfect for everything from Jewelry to games. The rigid set-up box is a classic.
Allstate Paperboard Folding Set Up Box Manufacturer

Folding Boxes

Folding Boxes are enormously popular and quite versatile. Its simple folding construction can be shipped flat and set-up after shipment. They're easier to store, less expensive to ship and can withstand enumerable printing, stamping, embossing, windowing and other special configurations.
Allstate Paperboard Folding Box structure Manufacturer

Vinyl Boxes

If you want to showcase you product while still in the packaging, look no further than the Vinyl Box. Our Vinyl boxes are durable yet flexible, with transparent PVC that ranges from six to twelve gauge in thickness. They may also be used as lids in conjunction with our set-up boxes as a display box when displaying the top of the product.
Allstate vinyl box substrates

Vinyl Folding Boxes

When you need a folding box that is completely transparent, a vinyl folding box is the solution. Shipped flat and set up after delivery, this is a cost effective choice, which can withstand printing and stamping.
Allstate vinyl box substrates


Special die-cut and vacuum-formed inserts are available to enhance, display and protect your product. Printing, stamping and embossing are available as well as a special laminating feature with a paper matched to your outside box.
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We manufacture both printed and plain transparent disks in any size and shape, perfect for the cosmetic industry. These transparent Mylar disks are widely used in ladies cosmetic cases as a protectant between the product and the applicator.
Allstate cosmetic packaging


  • We manufacture signature folders for gift certificates, ties and other flat items. We design boxes with built in hang tabs in a variety of configurations. We can also develop cardboard sleeves to slip over boxes for extra protection and finesse.
  • We offer a plethora of choices to choose from- from heart shaped chocolate boxes, tree shaped holiday boxes to stars and hexagons. We have the specialty box for you. Contact us (Include Link to Sales Representative) with your requirements and we will find the perfect box for you.specialty packaging techniques

Corrugated Boxes

We offer Flat sheets, special purpose and corrugated boxes in a variety of different sizes and strengths.
Contact Us with your requirements and we will find the perfect box for you.
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Cardboard Sheets

As we are large volume users of cardboard, our board prices are extremely competitive.
Contact Us for pricing on our stock sheet sizes.
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